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For the Memorial Day weekend of May 27-29th, we went to Lassen National Park to get away from the daily grind and to enjoy some mild winter camping.

For some people this was the first time backpacking, for others it was their first time camping in the snow.

With a really late start, and an afternoon storm moving in unexpectedly, our chances of actually climbing Mt Lassen got pretty slim. But we had a pretty fun camping location where we had to dig snow for an hour to get a level platform for our tents.

The temperature dropped lower than average this time of the year to about 20F degrees so everyone had a good chance to experience what it is like to camp in the winter. Throughout the day it was pretty warm.

We spent two nights out and even got to sit around an old fire pit left from some irresponsible campers who broke the law and had fire in the woods anyway :)